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You won't find any typical fitness programs here at MultiportAthletics. We are known for making versatile programs that challenge any type of hardcore athletes. We've chosen to focus on training people as opposed to running facilities.

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We have some of the world's most interesting instructors here at MultisportAthletics. Our trainers have chosen to work with us because it gives them a challenge they can't get anywhere else. Every trainer who works with us is committed to offering the very best together with their very best.

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We use the best training facility in the world - the real world. Dirt paths, cobblestone streets, fresh air along with wind, rain, sunshine and everything else that mother nature throws our way. It's all good, because the best kind of endurance and strength isn't manufactured in gyms with the latest fashions and fads.

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Head Coach
Joanne has a B.A. in Exercise Science and MA's in Sports Science and Sports Management. She has completed 15 Ironman Triathlons and 10 + Half Ironman Triathlons, qualified and competed twice in the Xterra World Championships in Maui, HI and on the American Tour, and has many podium finishes as an age grouper in multisport, mountain bike, and adventure race events.


Ryan is a USAT Level One Certified Triathlon Coach. He is also a 4x Ironman Finisher, 11 X 70.3 finsher and has over 20 sprint and Olympic distance races under his belt including Escape From Alcatraz Finsher, Mt. Cheeha 50k finisher 2 x Run Across Georgia Team Darkside Member, Multiple Crossfit Competitions. He brings a passion for athletics and success to everything he does.


Jennifer has a Doctorate of Physical Therapy, USAT Level 1 Coaching Certification, and POSE Level 2 Running Coach Certification. She has 12 years’ experience as a physical therapist working with a very athletic patient population and as an age group athlete with multiple Top 10 and podium finishes. Her expert approach emphasizes training smarter not harder.


Dan is an American swim coach association level 5 out of 5 swim coach who has over 22 years of experience coaching swimmers age 5-60. He is currently a swim coach with the Columbus Hurricanes and has coached hundreds of swimmers in Michigan, N.C., and Hawaii. He believes that proper technique will get you to t1 faster and easier. He's used video for the last 15 years to break down and repair stroke technique so it is efficient and fast with no risk for injuries due to improper biomechanics.

Body Geometry Bike Fit

Body Geometry is the most comprehensive system for connecting bike and rider in perfect harmony. Body Geometry Fit is ergonomically designed and scientifically tested to maximize power, endurance and comfort through a systematic customization of your bike and equipment at all three contact points.

For those looking to dial into optimum power and potential a professional bike fit is a must have. Whether you are a recreational cyclist, roadie, or triathlete, body geometry plays a critical role in performance and comfort. Professional BG bike fits are $250 and are a 2-3 hour process where flexibility, shoe alignment and cleat placement, body angles, and saddle height are addressed. Think of it as tailoring for your bike!

Performance Testing

Functional Threshold Power refers to the maximal power output that an athlete can sustain over a period of time. The purpose of a Functional Threshold Power Test is to establish a wattage number that corresponds to your personal lactate threshold. It’s important to note that your Functional Threshold Power and your lactate threshold are not exactly the same but for practical purposes, they are very similar.

A Functional Threshold Power Test is non-invasive and provides you with your training power profile. The protocol requires approximately 60 mins and allows us to accurately determine your FTP. Your Functional Threshold Power score will change according to your fitness levels. Frequent testing every 6-8 weeks, during both off-season and race season, will allow you to track changes in your Functional Threshold Power and adjust your cycling training programs accordingly.


Lactate Acid Threshold

Lactate testing is used to determine not only the lactate threshold, but also the correct intensity for base, recovery, and intense interval training. At either end of the extremes of exercise intensity, the result is the same: lot’s of exercise but poor or inconsistent results. Lactate testing allows you to get the most out of your exercise time.

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Run Training and Analysis 

Running is one of the most popular athletic activities in the world and is the cornerstone of almost all sporting activities.  It is also one of the most “dangerous” in that the injury rate for runners is about 65%.  But it doesn’t have to be that way!  There IS a proper way to run, and we can teach it.  It is called the Pose Method of Running.  Just as you have to learn how to swing a racket or throw a ball, you have to learn how to run.  Every movement is made of specific “poses”.  If you were asked to get in a wind up for a pitch, you know what that looks like.  But do you know what the proper running pose is?

In order to run faster, run further, avoid injuries and reduce impact, you need to improve your technique.  The Pose Method of Running teaches you how to do this.  Simply put, all you need to do to run is Pose, Fall, and Pull.  It is much more than just running on your toes, and if the technique is taught correctly, that isn’t even the emphasis.  Keep it simple:  Pose, Fall, Pull

If you watch little children running, it looks as if they are about to fall with every step.  Kids know how to run!  And then we fill their minds with “stride out”, “heel to toe”, put them in thick, hard soled shoes, and some of them are just fine with this and don’t get injured.  But from the earlier statistic, 2 out of every 3 runners have an injury at some point each year.

So you ask, why don’t all professional athletes run this way?  If you watch the running technique of those that have chronic battles with injuries: ITB friction syndrome, stress fractures, plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, runner’s knee, etc, you will be able to pick out the problem.  Do you have an injury or have you been told you should never run again?  I think that is the wrong answer.  If you LOVE running, we can teach you how to run again, most likely with a lot less pain.  Training starts at $80/hour. Ask for group discounts.



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Swim Training and Analysis 

A good swimming instructor standing on the pool deck working with a group of adult swimmers is by far the best possible scenario for improving your overall swimming performance. It is no secret that swimming is the most difficult of the three triathlon sports to improve upon. Focused, one-on-one training is the key to succeeding in the pool. We are able to turn your weaknesses into strengths, improve your skills, and increase your confidence by concentrating on three important steps.  

  • Generating a powerful  stroke and efficient body position: Swim lessons dissect your stroke and build it back up using a set of drills designed to develop balance, easy breathing, and a powerful freestyle stroke.
  • Open water swim techniques: Learn how to effectively sight an open water swim course, group swimming strategies such as drafting and pacing as well as how to seed yourself in a large field.  Learn what aspects of your pool stroke are most important in open water.
  • Overcoming fear: Jumping into deep, dark water can make even the most talented runner or cyclist uncomfortable. Our triathlon swim coaching program will help you build confidence to conquer your open water anxiety.

Whether you are a beginner athlete with limited swimming experience or an accomplished pool swimmer, our swim coaching can be tailored to suit your specific needs. Sessions start at $60/hour.  Ask for group discounts. 

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