So you want to be a triathlete

This title makes me chuckle a little bit.  This was the title of the first ‘clinic’ I participated in with the Columbus Road Runners. I’ll remember that day for the rest of my life.  I met some lifelong friends and it was the beginning of planting the triathlon seed in Columbus, GA.  Fast forward some 5 or 6 years and we have Columbus, GA home to 3 triathlons, countless 5k/10ks, several well known half marathons and Soldiers Marathon.  We now have a booming athletic community with people crossing over from sport to sport.  What a spectacular community Columbus has become!

Often the sport of Triathlon is the last to be joined. We collect swimmers who have become waterlogged, runners who have pounded too much pavement, and cyclists who want to try something new.  Triathlon is looked upon sometimes as ‘higher level’ sport or for ‘fit people’.  Well I have good news for you.  Anyone can be a triathlete.  You don’t need to cross over from one sport into multisport.  I hazard to guess that most of us swam as kids, learned to ride a bike (mine was a blue banana seat ride with ape-hanger bars…it was awesome), and can put one foot in front of the other.

I’m serious when I say this: anyone can be a triathlete.

We are lucky in Columbus to have races that are geared towards both the advanced, seasoned athlete and to the first timer (complete with float divisions and water slides).  We have a very successful Couch-2-Tri program (starting each June to the Chattahoochee Challenge Sprint Triathlon) run by our local Chattahoochee Triathlon Club which provides an encouraging group training environment.  Most of these participants find themselves with new friends, habits, and finisher medals on their necks.

I challenge you to try something new and jump in with two feet.  This is a life long sport that will create life long friendships, priceless moments of laughter, and a brand new outlook.  You’ll be just fine.  Promise.