The season is almost over: Now what?

It’s now August and the triathlon season is coming to an end. Whether you are new to the sport or a seasoned athlete you have probably spent countless hours training this year. Unless you are planning on participating in the Na Wahine or lucky enough to have qualified for Kona you are probably wondering what you will do with all your free time.

The off season is a great time to refocus your training and work on the discipline that is your weakest. For most people this means the swim and strength training. There are numerous master clubs and swim clinics to attend or if you think you might require specific attention seek the advice of a coach through private sessions.

If you are confident in the water focus on maintaining the best possible technique during all phases of your workout, whether that be through speed or long swims. In addition to swimming it is important to take the off season to build your strength and endurance from a muscular stand point.

Developing muscular strength will help reduce the chances of injury as well as give you some variety from simply swimming, cycling, and running. Reserve some time to visit your local gym or park to focus on lower body strength through squats, lunges, calf raises and on upper body strength through push ups, pull ups, sit ups etc. If the gym is not for you find a local yoga studio and focus on strength and flexibility.

The off season is a time for you to enjoy yourself. Take the time to try something new. Visit the gym, surf, practice yoga, or focus on your weak point but regardless have FUN!